Welcome to our Website

We are a small GCCF registered hobby breeder of Ragdoll cats, and live in rural north Herefordshire, a stones throw from the market towns of Kington and Leominster.

It all started many years ago when we got a beautiful Red Point Ragdoll kitten called Marmalade (she is in the photo above) and we were so taken with her, we soon got her a companion. Since then, we have added new additions to our special feline gang.

They are all adorable in their own special way and have the true ragdoll characteristics in temperament, type and eye colour. They are first and foremost our pets and are all very much loved and cherished, and live with us as part of our family.

Our Breeding Queens and our Stud Boy, have been formally tested by a veterinarian in conjunction with Langford's Veterinary College in Bristol, for both HCM and PKD (as per the GCCF's rules and procedures) and are tested negative. We have supporting documentation for this.

Our kittens are never raised caged outside in pens, but are inside our house with lots of room to run around and play, and are therefore always very friendly, well socialized, confident and happy kittens.

We are very fortunate that our garden is enclosed so that the older cats can come and go as they please and enjoy some fresh-air catching flies whatever the weather if they want to.

We are Members of both the GCCF (The Governing Body of the Cat Fancy) and TBRCC (The British Ragdoll Cat Club).