Breeding Queens


Marmalade (66d). Sire: Adiniolo Casper Claus and Dam: Dollybrooke Tequila-Ice.  Her Grandmother was Grand Champion Dollybrooke Honey Peaches.  Marmalade is a Red Colourpoint.  She is a wonderful cat, with lots of character.  Her coat is absolutely beautiful and amazingly soft. She has very big eyes and extremely good eye colour, and if you visit 'About Us' or our 'Picture Gallery,' you will be able to see her amazing tail.  She particularly likes children and spends a lot of time with my 9 year old son, and doesn't mind lots of noise and toys! Marmalade displays the true characteristics the Ragdoll cat. Marmalade has been tested and is clear of both HCM and PKD.


Arrowvale Suki-Bear, (66) Sire: Dollybrooke Atlantis and Dam Dollybrooke Angel Mist.  Suki-Bear is a Seal Colourpoint. We couldn't resist her and kept her back from Angel Mist's first litter.  She is absolutely stunning and has extremely good eye colour. Suki is absolutely full of character, and we are hoping that she will have some lovely kittens this year.  Suki-Bear has been tested and is clear of both HCM and PKD.


Arrowvale Madam Pickles, Sire: Dollybrooke Atlantis and Dam Dollybrooke Marmalade.  Pookey is a Seal Tortie Colourpoint.  She is adorable.  Out of all of our cats she is the smallest and the noisiest!  She loves human company and loves being carried around like a baby!  She is a very 'cool' cat like her mother, in that nothing bothers her and even seems to enjoy a little car journey to the vet etc!  Madam Pickles has been tested and is clear of both HCM and PKD.