About Us

Welcome to our Website!

We are a small hobby breeder of Ragdoll cats, and live in rural north Herefordshire, a stones throw from the well known market towns of Kington and Leominster.

We decided to get a Ragdoll kitten called Marmalade, and were so taken with her, we soon got her a companion called Angel Mist.  We have recently added two new additions to our family called Suki-Bear and Madam Pickles better known as 'Pookey.'  They are also adorable and have the very lovely true ragdoll characteristics.  They are all first and foremost our pets and are all very much loved and cherished, and live with us in our home as part of our family.  They have an outside 'cat house,' which is joined on to our house, which they have access to by going through a cat-flap, so they are free to come and go as they please, particularly during the warmer weather, when they like to soak up the sunshine.

We are Members of both the GCCF (The Governing Body of the Cat Fancy) and TBRCC (The British Ragdoll Cat Club).